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This compact module converts 4-20mA signals to DALI dim levels. The 4-20mA current value is sent Broadcast as a dimming value on the DALI bus.
The module has an integrated bus power supply for a small DALI system with up to 10 standard DALI ballasts (30mA).
The configuration of the dimming characteristics is possible with the help of jumpers. An additional configuration with the DALI Cockpit Software is not possible.

Versions for 24V supply or mains supply are available.
The module Art. Nr.: 86468334-24-HS requires a 12- 24V power supply (e.g. 24V/300mA Art.Nr. 24166012-24HS)
The module Art. Nr.: 86468334-230-HS can be supplied with 230V mains voltage.