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DALI-2 Factsheet

Since the late 1990s the DALI-Standard is defined in IEC62386. While Part IEC62386-101 describes the general characteristics of DALI, control gear standards are specified in the IEC62386-102. For different device types (DT0-8), additional standards (IEC62386-201 to IEC62386-209) were gradually added. For example, the device type 1 describes the property of DALI emergency lighting devices and the device type 6 LED control gears.

Since November 2014, a new version of the DALI standard is available, the Edition 2 – also called “DALI-2”. DALI-2 is intended to eliminate ambiguities in the existing standard and to ensure better interoperability between devices of different manufacturers (revised parts 101 and 102). While Edition 1 described only control gear and general communication, Edition 2 includes, in addition to more detailed parts 101 and 102, a separate standard for control devices (part 103) and device type specifications for push buttons (301), analogue inputs (302), motion sensors (303) and light sensors (304).