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DALI-2 Factsheet

Link: all DALI-2 certified devices

Since November 2014, a new version of the DALI standard is available, the Edition 2 – also called “DALI-2”. DALI-2 is intended to eliminate ambiguities in the existing standard and to ensure better interoperability between devices of different manufacturers (revised parts 101 and 102). While Edition 1 described only control gear and general communication, Edition 2 includes, in addition to more detailed parts 101 and 102, a separate standard for control devices (part 103) and device type specifications for push buttons (301), analogue inputs (302), motion sensors (303) and light sensors (304).

Since the late 1990s the DALI-Standard is defined in IEC62386. While Part IEC62386-101 describes the general characteristics of DALI, control gear standards are specified in the IEC62386-102. For different device types (DT0-8), additional standards (IEC62386-201 to IEC62386-209) were gradually added. For example, the device type 1 describes the property of DALI emergency lighting devices and the device type 6 LED control gears.