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Open-plan Office

advanced DALI installation – multiple groups, sensors and circadian light control

Project scope

  • Open-plan office with up to 16+ luminaires and 6 groups
    10 – 64 luminaires / tunable white DALI DT8
  • Sensor for movement / presence
    Each work place/corridor/meeting space is regulated individually
    Light turns on when movement / presence is detected and turns off after 10 mins of absence
  • Sensor for constant light control (energy saving)
    light control depending on the brightness inside a room
  • Circadian daylight curve
    from 2800K – 5000K – 2800K
  • Manual control
    central control of all work spaces together / table / corridor
    fixed values colour temperature: 2800K / 4500K / automatic

Featured topics

  • Planning DALI light installation
  • Required DALI devices
  • Setup and configuration with DALI Cockpit Software